Ten recipes to try this holiday season

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There’s no doubt that food has a lot to do with why ‘Trini Christmas is the best’.

We’ve all grown to love the Christmas staples such as ham, pastelles, ponche de creme and black cake. However, sometimes you may find yourself craving a change or variation on an old favourite.

Therefore, at Loop News, we’ve compiled ten recipes that you can try this year as a substitute for a traditional recipe or in addition to the foods you already enjoy. 



Fried ‘pastelle’ bakes

Enjoy Foodie Nation’s twist on pastelle with this easy-to-follow recipe

Garlic Pork

Preparation for this garlic pork recipe by Caribbean Pot begins days in advance but promises to be worth the wait and effort.


Main course

Turkey Pot Pie

CGA’s turkey pot pie recipe is the perfect addition to your Christmas lunch or dinner.

Imperial salad

For those who think salads are boring, this imperial salad by SimplyTrini Cooking can be the one to change your mind.

Lentil Pastelle

Adanna Lewis, owner of Ad-Yana Foods offers a vegetarian, plant-based pastelle option. Try her lentil pastelle recipe.

Sorrel-glazed chicken

Baked, stewed, grilled and barbecued are usually the go-to options for preparing chicken. Incorporate the rich flavour of sorrel with Nestle Caribbean’s recipe for sorrel-glazed chicken

Cranberry chutney

Add some spice to your turkey this year. Opt for a homemade option with this Caribbean inspired cranberry chutney by Ria of Cooking with Ria.  



Ponche de crème blondies

This sweet treat by Anita Seeboo combines the flavour of ponche de crème with the subtle vanilla taste of classic blondies.

Sorrel Cupcakes (Gluten-free)

For a gluten-free dessert this Christmas, try these cupcakes posted on local food blogger Renee’s website, Off the Wheaten Path.



Test out your cocktail mixing skills for the next Christmas gathering. Delight your friends and family with this sorrel rum punch by Natasha of Trini Cooking with Natasha.

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